Did you know that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping? Indeed, for this reason and for many others, it is essential to adopt a good sleeping position. But, how to sleep well to relieve neck and back tensions? Here are some tips to help you improve your comfort.

The different sleeping positions

During the night, when our muscles are at rest, they no longer perform their stabilizing function. Improper positioning can put unnecessary stress on your ligaments, muscles and joints. Do you experience pain at night? Do you wake up often just to change your position? Are you waking up with aches and pains in the morning? This may be a sign that your sleeping position is not optimal. 

In addition, your choice of mattress and pillow can also play a role in your comfort, it is important to ensure the proper alignment of your spine.

Sleeping on your side

When you sleep on your side, you can place a pillow between your legs. This helps relieve stress on the upper hip while keeping your pelvis and spine from rolling forward.

Choosing the right size of pillow will help support your head and neck while maintaining proper spinal alignment. The pillow should fill the space between your shoulder, neck, head and mattress. Be careful not to let your shoulder roll underneath you! You should sleep on the point of the shoulder rather than on the back of the shoulder blade. Shoulders and pelvis should be parallel to maintain a neutral spine position to reduce stress on your joints.

sleeping on the side
Sleeping on your side – Demonstrate the proper position and alignment achieved by placing a pillow between the knees.

Sleeping on your back

When sleeping on your back, it is also recommended to place a pillow under your knees to avoid hyperextension of your lumbar spine (back in too arched position).

The pillow under your head should support your head and neck while keeping your spine in a neutral position. This pillow should not be under your shoulders, which causes your spine to flex (lean forward).

sleep on your back
Sleeping on your back – Place one or more pillows under your knees to keep your lumbar spine in a neutral position (less stress on your structures).

Sleeping on your stomach

This position is not recommended, as it puts a lot of stress on the cervical and lumbar spine, as well as the shoulders. Try to change your sleeping position so that you sleep on your side or on your back using the tips above. If you are unable to avoid this position, placing a pillow under your pelvis will help limit the stress on your lower back.

However, the sleeping position is a habit that can take weeks or even months to change. Do not hesitate to talk with your physiotherapist, who can advise you on the optimal position to adopt to relieve your pain and have sweet dreams!

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