We answer the most frequently asked general questions from our customers. Contact our dedicated team for more details.

    Before the appointment

    • Why choose our clinic?

      At Ekinox Physiotherapy and well-being, we care about the physical and mental well-being of our clients, our team and, by extension, our community. Our interdisciplinary team of therapists will put you at ease by listening to your needs.
    • How many appointments will I need?

      The number of appointments depends on your condition and your goals. At your first appointment, the therapist will evaluate your needs and expectations. The number of appointments will vary depending on the pain, the injury and also on the reason for the consultation.
    • How should I dress?

      You can wear comfortable, lightweight clothing. For lower extremity injuries, bring a pair of shorts. For upper extremity injuries, a camisole is recommended. It is likely that the therapist will ask to see the painful area to see if there is any change in color, temperature, swelling, etc. If you are ever uncomfortable with exposing the area, the therapist will respect your decision and may proceed with the evaluation or treatment.
    • Do I need a prescription to consult?

      For several years now, it is no longer necessary to present a medical prescription to meet with one of our therapists. Physiotherapy is recognized by all insurance companies and the majority of companies cover reimbursement without a medical referral. However, a minority of insurance companies may still require a doctor's prescription for reimbursement. It is therefore important to check with your group or private insurance company before your first appointment.
    • Are the treatments painful?

      It is normal to feel some discomfort during certain treatments or techniques. Your therapist performs the treatments while respecting your limits and remains attentive to your needs.
    • Can I consult even if I have no pain?

      Yes, of course! It is always possible to consult for prevention or, for example, for a muscle strengthening program or to meet with one of our running or golf experts. You can even consult us for advice on how to improve your posture at work (or at home for teleworking).
    • What if my pain comes back?

      There may be different reasons why your pain might come back. It is best to contact us to schedule a phone appointment with your therapist to discuss this. You can also send an email directly to your therapist.

    Billing, pricing and insurance

    • What are your prices?

      Our prices vary depending on the service or the professional. Since we are a private clinic, our prices are not covered by the RAMQ.

      However, if you have suffered a work or road accident, your expenses related to your appointments may be covered by the CNESST or the SAAQ. To learn more, you can visit this webpage.

      You can contact us by phone to get more details on our different rates and services.
    • I need to cancel or change my appointment. What do I do?

      As mentioned in our cancellation policy, if you cancel more than 24 hours in advance, you will not be charged as we can offer your time slot to another client. To cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can contact us by phone or email. It is also possible to leave a message on our voice mail during our closing hours.
    • Do you bill the client’s insurance company directly?

      We offer direct payment with the following insurance companies: Great West / Canada Life, Industrial Alliance and Manulife, for physiotherapy only. For other insurance companies, we can provide you with a paper and/or email receipt, and we invite you to make the claim yourself for reimbursement.
    • Do you accept cases related to SAAQ or CNESST?

      Yes, we do take on CNESST or SAAQ cases. It is important to contact us by phone for these appointments, as we must follow a precise administrative protocol. For more information, visit this webpage.

    Services offered

    • Can X-rays be done at your clinic?

      No, it is not possible to take x-rays in our clinic. However, some of our therapists are qualified and can prescribe x-rays (under certain conditions).
    • How to choose the right service? The right therapist?

      When you first call Ekinox Physiotherapy and well-being, our receptionists will be able to advise and assist you by directing you to the right therapist for your needs.
    • Will I have to do exercises at home?

      That's right! Exercise is an integral part of your recovery.

    The first appointment

    • How does a first appointment work?

      Depending on the service chosen, during the first appointment, the therapist evaluates your needs by talking with you and doing some tests and manipulations.
    • Will I receive treatment at the first appointment?

      Depending on the service chosen, the first appointment may vary. In a physiotherapy consultation, the objective of the evaluation is to understand the problem and find the cause of your pain. Depending on your situation, the evaluation may last the whole hour. For example, an uncomplicated ankle sprain is quicker to assess than a neck problem accompanied by migraines and arm pain. However, you will receive advice from the first appointment. In massage therapy, you will discuss the problem with the therapist, and the treatment can begin quickly during this session.
    • How long does a first appointment last?

      Depending on the service chosen, the duration of a first appointment can vary between 60 and 90 minutes.
    • What documents should I bring to my first appointment?

      We recommend that you bring your medical prescription, if you have one, your written report results from X-rays, MRIs or any medical notes from your family doctor or specialists. If you have had surgery, ask your surgeon for a post-operation protocol and bring it to your first appointment.