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The therapeutic benefits
of massage therapy

A peaceful look, a feeling of relaxation, one last breath and the stress of the day evaporates...we're sure you've just enjoyed a massage!

Whether you're an athlete, an office worker or a stay-at-home parent, a massage is an easy and accessible way to take care of your mind and body.

What are the benefits of a massage?

Muscle relaxation
Massage therapy can help relieve musculo-articular pain and tension such as back, neck and shoulder pain. Some massage techniques can even help reduce the symptoms of chronic pain, such as arthritis and firbromylagia.

Soothing stress and anxiety
Rich in physical as well as psychological benefits, massage therapy also has an impact on mental health, whether by reducing the effects of stress and anxiety on the body or improving the quality of your sleep.

Prevention and recovery
This therapy is as effective in preventing muscular and joint problems as it is in recovering from muscular injuries (cramps or muscle spasms, strains, tears, etc.) It also promotes health and the attenuation of muscular adhesions and scar tissue following surgery, for example.

When was your last appointment?

Welcome to the team!

Pascal Bertet, massage therapist

A massage therapist, reflexologist and naturopath for the past 25 years, Pascal is always looking for ways to improve his treatments and share his knowledge.

He offers different techniques such as Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, deep-tissue massage and foot reflexology.

Having lived in several countries, he draws on the positive wherever he can and adapts to places and people.


Sophie Lambert, massage therapist

Masso-kinesitherapist since 2021, Sophie aims to help her clients improve their mobility and overall well-being.

She offers several massage techniques, including Swedish, sports, deep-tissue, fasciatherapy, pregnancy and trigger point. Her expertise lies in lymphatic drainage, which is highly recommended after surgery or for people suffering from swelling.


Éliane Bussières, osteopathy

Passionate about the human body and health, Éliane is currently a 5th year student in osteopathy and will graduate next summer.

In her osteopathic treatments, Éliane adopts a gentle approach that takes into account both the physical and mental body. Whether it is for physical aches, digestive disorders or cranial-sacral problems, she aims to restore the body’s mobility and self-regulating capacities, considering the individual as a whole.


Christine St-Denis, physiotherapy technician

Massotherapist for 21 years and physiotherapy technician for 15, Christine has enhanced her knowledge over the years, integrating notions of yoga, Pilates/stabilizing exercises, psychology and specific training.

An empathetic listener, she has always valued the integrity of her clients, and looks forward to working with you as an effective rehabilitation team!

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which we use massage and pressure on the tops and soles of the feet to identify parts of the body or organs in energy deficiency.

These pressures and massage movements help to rebalance and revitalize energy. The first session is preceded by a health assessment to understand any blockages. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage of the lower legs, from the knees to the ankles.


Testimonials of our clients

« Great place to get treated, the front staff is welcoming and very kind and the physical therapists are all very competent. I'm getting treated by Marie-Andrée and although my injury was pretty rough and uncommon, she knows exactly what to do and what to say to get me back on track, 10/10 would recommend going there. » 

 Mrs. S. via our Google page

"Very good service at this clinic and I really like Catherine Besse's approach to acupuncture." (Translated from French)

Mrs. F. via our Google page


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