A new service for families

New Service for Families 👪

Danielle, recently separated, finds communication with her two children increasingly challenging. Éric, whose son was recently diagnosed with autism, wants to reevaluate his parenting approach. Family imbalances can arise unexpectedly, deeply disrupting daily life.


We Are Here for You

Our social workers provide support with empathy and understanding, offering personalized and practical solutions for each family's unique needs. Their goal is to strengthen relationships, resolve conflicts, and enhance overall well-being to restore family balance.

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Emotions, a History of Socialization.

Emotions are a fundamental part of our human experience, but where exactly do they originate? Beyond the vast spectrum of emotional nuances, how do we learn to express, name, and manage them? Parents play a crucial role in this learning process, though it doesn't always occur when or how they expect.


New Team Member, Evgeni!

Evgeni joins the Ekinox team as a social worker and a master's student in mental health. With experience in the school system working with autistic children, he has developed a gentle and comforting approach with children and adolescents.

Evgeni also assists parents in establishing a solid foundation for their children's well-being and development. Take the time to meet him!


True or False?

Emotions are solely determined by genetic factors



While some aspects of our emotional makeup can be inherited from our parents, emotions are also shaped by environmental, social, and cultural influences. Our life experiences, social interactions, education, and environment all contribute to how we feel and express our emotions.


Emotions are expressed in the same way across all cultures.


Although there are universal basic emotions like joy, sadness, fear, and anger, their expression and perception vary across cultures. In some cultures, crying or displaying sadness is viewed as a sign of weakness, while in others, it is seen as an expression of authenticity and vulnerability, and is encouraged.

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